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On August 4th a little bundle of Joy was born in Willamina, Oregon.  His name (although nobody knew it at the time) was Kalli Paulo Jr. 

Kalli had a brother & sister that found other moms & dads, but Kalli was the luckiest puppy of all.  He was chosen as the most special puppy of all by his mommy, Pam, on October 5th.  Pam sent pictures to his new daddy, Garry, that night and his immediate response was "I LOVE HIM. GET HIM."

The very next day Kalli  went to stay with his new mom at Grandma & Grandpa Vaandering's house. 

He had a very active life for the next three weeks.  He went to football games, played with new cousins, helped his mom insulate some attics and spent a lot of time visiting with all of his new relatives.

He discovered that he LOVES tomatoes and bananas.  He sort of figured out that certain things were supposed to be done OUTside, NOT INside. 

He learned to walk on a leash like a big dog.

He got a bunch of shots, got a chip put in so his parents can never get lost and he had two grooming appointments.

He made it clear that he REALLY LOVES Greenies and he is not afraid to wrestle with alligators.

He learned that playing in the yard is a lot of fun and that he could get into the flower beds and pick his own tomatoes.(He LOVES tomatoes)

We finally convinced him that chewing on toes was not a good thing.

Then on October 25, mom had to leave him with his Grandma Smith.  We had fixed up the yard so he couldn't dig out and he had all of his  toys and his blankie from his doggie mommy and his blanket from his new mommy.  He had his bed, his crate, a bag of dog food and a bag of Greenies.

AND he had his Grandma, who already loves him very much.

He will come to live with Mom, Dad and Snowy (his intended) next year in June.  He has to have his rabies shots and wait long enough to satisfy the State of Hawaii that he is rabies free.

We can hardly wait!
Doggie Mommy Amy
daddy Max

Kalli (L) and his brother
Grandpa Vaandering
At Nate's game with Aunt Lori.
With Cousin Toto
All decked out in his new polo shirt with Grandma Vaandering.
With Grandma Smith
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